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Ice on tree lowered line. Power stayed on. After 2/3 days,
utility must have felt unsafe & disconnected. Given
that delay, electricians are likely booked. It --may--
be 2 days before an electrician makes their 1st trip.
After repair, then there is the wait on the utility to
make their SECOND trip. Of course, now they too

A) Can I borrow a windup / crank radio, or @ least
windup flashlight, for 24 hours?

B) Is there a church, synagogue, mosque,
etc... where I can boil eggs, or they do it for me?
I have eggs & sauce pan. Do they have a library
( book and/or computer) ? Would they have
a washer? Dryer not as important as I often
air dry.

C) Any restaurant, library, YMCA, etc... where
their PUBLIC sink will fit a medium or large
container so I can have approx. 2 gallons of
water for heat, not drinking?

I prefer near Dixie Highway and Commonweath,
but I drive for a living, so I could return your
flashlight to many a Taco Bell or Panera, &
you could examine it, & based on that, return
my REASONABLE deposit for it.

Email is fine, but sometimes takes 2 / 3 days to

Thank you for any leads / help.
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