Golf Swing Trainer RopeSwing - $60 (Cheviot)

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  • Enhanced Training Experience with Real Club Grip Inspired by Orange Whip - The handle of the golf club is precisely replicated and seamlessly joined to the rope, providing an identical grip to a golf club. Experience an authentic and realistic feel during practice sessions.
  • Premium Quality Rope for Superior Performance - We use the softest, heaviest rope with a larger proportion of the inner core, ensuring optimal weight distribution and a high-quality training experience. Enjoy exceptional performance and durability.
  • Consistency and Familiarity with Driver-Length Size - The training aid is designed to match the size of a standard 45-inch driver, allowing for a familiar feel and promoting consistent swings. Maintain consistency and muscle memory.
  • Convenient Home Swing Exercises - Perform various swing exercises, including left arm swing, forward and swing, step swing, and forward swing, providing flexibility and convenience for training sessions. Practice and improve your swing technique at home.
  • Maximize Speed and Power in the Right Areas - Our training aid focuses on developing speed and power in the crucial areas of your swing, allowing you to generate maximum clubhead speed at impact. Achieve greater distance and control with every shot.
  • Open box. Like new.

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