1962 Lincoln Continental - $17500 (Cincinnati)


make / manufacturer: Lincoln
model name / number: Continental

I have for sale a hard to find 1962 Lincoln Continental. Yes, the one with “the doors” everyone will ask you if it has after you buy it and become the coolest person in your neighborhood. Believe it or not, this car is a fleet vehicle for my company.

What does that mean?

Great question! I bought and built this car with the sole purpose of using it to pick customers up at the airport, drive them around the city while we learned more about each other and how we could grow our businesses together, then drop them back off at the airport again. Its the kind of car that tells someone that you care about them when you show up to escort them on a journey. I am sure you are thinking of someone right now that deserves that feeling. With this car you too can give the gift of caring.

Why does it matter that it was used for this purpose?

Again, great question. Have you ever picked up a very important customer at the airport, drove them around town in a classic car, only to have it break down on you? Probably not. I’m a rare bird who thought this was a great idea, and my customers confirmed it. This is actually 1 of 4 that I have, as sometimes the group visiting is larger than a car this size can hold. I learned my lesson early on this marketing idea. Old cars are awesome till they leave you and your important client stranded in the middle of OTR. Not the nice fancy rehabbed part, the other part.

What was your lesson and why does it matter?

The lesson is if you are going to use a 50 year old car with a customer, you better replace anything that could go wrong with new parts. Let me tell you, I built this car to use it. I started at the gas tank and I worked my way forward and overhauled EVERYTHING. Gas tank is cleaned and sealed. Ssending unit is new, fuel lines from tank to motor replaced, and carburetor rebuilt. That made sure it wouldn't get thirsty, but what about stopping? Yep. The drums were good but everything else got scrapped. It has new wheel cylinders, shoes, lines, master cylinder, etc. What about cooling it? Nothing kills a good business lunch like a radiator blowing green stuff all over the parking spot as you walk in for a taco. It has a new radiator, thermostat, hoses, etc. Everything from the air filter to the drive shaft has been replaced, serviced, fluids replaced, etc. If you want a car that is 50 years old and has a good chance of taking you from your garage, out around town, and back again without leaving YOU stranded in OTR.....the bad part..... this car is built to do it. How can I prove it? I borrow words from one of my mentors, the Big Lebowski- this car has papers dude. Lots of them. They are all jammed into an envelope. I am sure that some have been lost over the journey, but the envelope speaks for itself. You want to know how much effort you are saving yourself to have a reliable Lincoln with infamous doors, the papers say it all.

Did you name it?

Yes. Interesting story. This Lincoln Continental has a younger brother, a 1969 Lincoln. My customer said it had a name. I told them I don't name my cars. They told me its name was "Old Money". They were right, the 69 is definitely "Old Money". The customers confirmed it and love it. People all over the country have experienced Old Money and sing its praises. When it came time to expand the fleet, this 62 had a name before I had a car. I specifically looked for a car that could be called "Dirty Money". I stumbled over this 62 and the rest is history. You don't have to keep the name Dirty Money but I promise you if one of my customers or friends see it they will tell you what its name is. The people love it. No one can resist "the doors". There are alot of fans out there. I know because I have driven the heck out of it since it was in service and I have had it all over town. Everyone loves it. Its a good feeling, you should consider experiencing it for yourself.

It doesn't look like its all rebuilt. Whats up with that?

Uh, did you stop reading already? I had a name for the car before I had the car. I needed a pair- Old Money and Dirty Money. Do you think a car named Dirty Money is going to be a show queen? Heck no its not. Dirty Money has been working hard since 1962. Its seen more things than most of the people who are having a hard time resisting the urge to own it. Do you want a kick butt Lincoln that you wont choke your first born for scratching? Let me introduce you to Dirty Money. Do you love eating in your car and occasionally drop a little hamburger on the seat? So do my customers! Let me introduce you to Dirty Money. Do you want a car you can use and abuse without feeling guilty, all the while being the coolest person in your neighborhood? Let me introduce you to Dirty Money.

All fun aside, its cosmetically natural on purpose. Its clean, its sterile. Its mechanically restored for reliability. Its actually really sold. The bad on this car is literally all on the outside. Open the trunk, open the doors, pop the hood, and crawl under it for yourself. This thing is shockingly solid. What does that mean if you cant live without a 1962 Lincoln with "the doors" but you cant bear to live with the Dirty Money lifestyle? It means that this is a quick trip through the body shop to address the things you can see on the outside. A little exterior love and you will no longer feel self conscious to drive it to church on Sunday, or Saturday night if you are a Crossroads Church guy like me.

Are you serious on the price?

Yes. I can tell you you cant build it as you see it for less.

Did you spend to much on it?

No. Believe it or not, this is one of the most sought after models you could find because it is accessorized to the moon and back. If you could add it on at the dealership, some rich guy did just that back in 1962. It has some very rare and desirable accessories that you would have a very hard time finding elsewhere, let alone all on one as spec'd by its build sheet. I believe fully restored this car is worth almost 2x to the right buyer.

That sounds great, what are these rare options that I cant live without?!?!

AC! Some like it hot, some like it cold. With this car you have the choice. Cruise control! This one is super rare. This is because it was expensive and not many people chose it. Its also because it is known to stick with the throttle wide open spontaneously, so many examples have been totaled! The brakes are new but historical data on this rare accessory indicates that they are not strong enough to stop this tank once the cruise goes haywire. For this reason, I never tried it. I know it came with it from the factory, I know its super rare, I know its there now, but I am not interested in testing it. Auto dimming headlights! Again, super rare. That is not a laser beam on the dash, its space ship technology Lincoln stole from NASA. Does it work? I don't really know. Its all there, and it looks super cool with a cool story, and that's all I needed for my customers. Last but not least, this has a tow package rear axle. That's how it was sold in 62. Hot rod guys like it because that is code for POSI TRACTION. That's right. park this over a puddle, ice patch, snow, mud, or gravel pile, push both the pedals, and prepare to live your best life. This thing will spin both wheels like its life depended on it....unless its on a normal patch of dry road. Google the weight on this bad boy and you will see that gravity is a little stronger than what Dirty Money can manage, even with posi traction.

Standard options are all there as well and there is power everything. Windows, seat, ETC.

In other words, this is a very rare and highly optioned car. If you want to finish this cosmetically, you will have one of the highest valued Lincolns, and thanks to "the doors", even the junk ones are crazy expensive.

I have a lot in this. I built it for business return with experience, not for profit when you buy it. I am willing to give you the keys for what it would cost to build, and you do not have to deal with any of the headaches of sourcing rare parts or managing people crazy enough to work on a car this old and complex.

This sounds to good to be true! There has to be something wrong with it!

Its true. There are a few kinks still to iron but they are minor and didn't stop me from using it. The AC system is there. I replaced the compressor and got it ready to vacuum and fill. I just haven't had time and now its too cold. The rear driver window didn't work when I got it. I discovered the wires had been disconnected. I reconnected and after a few cycles it would blow a fuse. The challenge is that fuse controlled all the windows and then some. I had a client to get at the airport so I disconnected, installed a new fuse, and kept moving. The other 3 work great.

Its got a clean title that aligns with its rare options. Its as reliable as you can find in a 50+ year old car. I installed seat belts (6) so that you too can feel comfortable putting your large family in it to take it out for Taco Tuesday safely. Its got more attitude than the current political climate, and your neighbors will drop to their knees and bow when they see you drive by. Dirty Money is not the car you want, its the car you deserve. Stop fighting the urge. Tell your significant other that you have a surprise for them, and bring them home something that will show them that you love them.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.......you know you want "the doors".........
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