Two Female Guinea Pigs (Mason)

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I am sadly looking to rehome my two young female Guinea pigs. I love them so much but unfortunately they've begun to fight with my older pigs. Luckly they get along wonderfully with each other. I am not interested in a rehoming fee please use your money to get them a proper set up. If you are interested and willing to give them proper care they come with:
- 3 hides
- a bag of pellets
- a dish for pellets
- hay for them
- a hay bin
- a water bottle.
(pics included)
I will require you to send pictures and video of an appropriate setup. I will also require you to give them proper care. I will be firm on this as sending pictures and video is my version of a rehoming fee. I only want to ensure the best care for these animals.
- Do not use a pet store cage (look into cnc grid cages they are cheep and easy to make).
- The enclosure must be a minimum of 4 grids long and 2 grids wide.
- Use the the hay bin to provide them with 24/7 access to hay/ a space they can eat and play in.
- Give them daily vegies.
- The primary care taker must be atleast 16 years though I would prefere to rehome them to someone 18+. Guneia pigs do not make a good gift you should not give them to an unsuspecting person.
I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance though you may need to meet me half way. I can drive a further distance if you are willing to pay for gas. I live in Mason Ohio If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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