2 male Working Cats ready to report for duty! (Cincinnati)

2 male Working Cats ready to report for duty! 1 thumbnail2 male Working Cats ready to report for duty! 2 thumbnail
šŸ­Rodent RespondersšŸ­Loki and Proteus are ready for their new lives as working cats. These neutered and vaccinated boys are not suited for living indoors and are currently in a small apartment. They are ready and available right away to be hired as non-lethal rodent control.

Their resumes are short and sweet - Proteus (orange and white cat) is 5 years old and was born outside and part of a trap-neuter-return project. He is feral (wild) so does not want any interactions with humans but does love other cats. And he is one smart cat! Loki (sleek black cat) is 2 years old, big and strong, and will seek attention but only on his terms. He is yearning for his freedom to be outside to earn a living. Both cats are very excited to start their new lives patroling for intruders and will be great assets to any farm, business, or back yard.šŸPlease email today to set up an interview. Thank you so much!

Relocating cats can be very stressful so adopter is required to confine the cats in either large cages, a room in a barn, shed, warehouse, garage, etc for at least 2 weeks with a litter box & food while the cats get acclimated to their new environment and other animals. It is helpful during this acclimation phase to feed the cats good food with lots of yummy treats so they associate their new surrondings with a happy tummy. Once they are released from confinement, they will require shelter (a spot inside a building with a cozy bed would be ideal but outdoor shelters will also work which we can provide if needed) plus food and water everyday to help keep up their stamina for work. They will be hand delivered to their new home, preferably within 1 hr of Cincinnati. This relocation is being done to help improve the quality of these cats livesā¤ļø

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