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Davey near Llanfair

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December 2023 I heard of a pit that had spent the past year living outside of an abandoned building in Dayton, so I went up and grabbed her. I paid to get her spayed and vaccinated.

She is an excellent dog. Almost perfect. I thought it would be easy to rehome her. She has been crate trained since I got her. Sleeps in the crate. Eats in her crate. Sometimes she’s in the crate for 12 hours. No accidents. Her one flaw is that she’s not good with other animals. She killed my neighbor’s cat, and she is 50/50 with other dogs. I have 4 dogs. The two dogs of mine that like other dogs, she gets along with splendidly. No issues. She submits when they tell her to shut up. She shares toys.
My two dogs that don’t like other dogs, who won’t put up with her, she attacks and it’s really bad. So I have to keep her separated from them. I tried the “let them figure out the pecking order” first but she messed up my old pit’s ear twice, had to scrape her off before my dog got seriously hurt. My other dog is 17 pounds with no teeth and I won’t risk it after she laid him down.

So if you have a young dog, of similar size, who can defend itself, and likes other dogs…. They’ll probably be great friends! If your other dog doesn’t put up with much from other dogs, she will cause problems. She gets along so well with my two dogs that like her that I feel bad for separating them. They’re like, joined at the hips.

But my small dog and my old dog are at risk. So she cannot live here forever. It’s unfortunate because she’s great besides that and I really like her.

She is not destructive. She does not bark much. She will bark and whine if you lock her in the crate and you’re still around. She does it because she wants to be with people and because it often works for her. My friends come over and don’t like her whining in the crate so they let her out. So she has had success with it.
But she is used to the crate and does not mind.
Potty trained but doesn’t ask to go out so you just have to make sure she gets on a routine and that she knows when she’s gonna get out, because if she doesn’t know she’ll sneak a potty in the house without warning.

She likes bones and water bottles. She LOVES to obey and do good. If you scold her she feels awful and bows her head and tries harder next time. She listens really well and is great with ppl and children. She would be an awesome companion for someone who doesn’t want other dogs, or has the right dog for her to live with. She loves to chill on the couch and just be with her person. If she was the only dog she would be very calm and relaxed. I have a 3 year old bully and he makes her extra crazy. They are like fuel and fire together. Similar size and energy they run and wrestle and pop off together. If she didn’t have him as her partner she’d just lounge in your lap all day.

Her smile is contagious. Shes gorgeous inside and out.

No one wants her.

Shes two. She’s a pit. She’s fixed. She’s not special and you can’t use her. But he’s a 10/10 if you want a best friend.

We can do a meet a greet. I can bring her to you, you can come here. Meet her and decide later. If you adopt her and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I will always take her back. Years from now, I will take her back. I do not want her in the shelter, she’ll deteriorate there. She needs to be with her person. And she deserves a good life, she’s done nothing wrong. She’s a great dog and I’m trying my best for her. I wish she could just live with me. But my small dog is only 9 out of 20 years. I can’t keep them separate forever. Time is running out and if no one will adopt her I’ll put her down before I abandon her to live alone in a cage at the shelter.

Doesn’t pull on leash.
Doesn’t care about car rides. Lies down and goes to sleep in the car.

She needs her person.
$60 fee to ensure she goes to someone who cares.

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