Mezzabarba Skill 30 Head - $2,000 (Greensburg)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Mezzabarba
model name / number: Skill 30
Italian made Mezzabarba Skill 30 with head cover and stock footswitch.

• 100% engineered and handmade in Italy.
• 2 Channels: recallable via footswitch.
• Serial, full-tube effects loop recallable via footswitch.
• Brite switch on the Clean channel boosts mid-high frequencies for utmost transparency. Boost switch saturates channel.
• Innovative Power control “scales down” amp and allows it to perform at maximum saturation and dynamics even at very low volumes
• Just like all Mezzabarba amps, the power amp section features oversized transformers that deliver the best and most solid sound in any conditions, at any volume.
• Power amp tubes: EL34
• Presence and Depth controls for ultimate sound chiseling

The gain structure is super unique, if you're not wanting to live in the Mesa, Marshall, 5150 high gain territory and want a unique flavor this is what to try.

This is SOOOOOOOOOO LOUD. The manual clarifies that this amp is really at 40W. This will easily hang with any live situation, no mic's needed. It's also capable of being one of the thickest sounding amp's I've ever used. I've owned all the Fryette amps, Orange Thunderverb 200, Rockerverb, etc I've used all the great amps and this is as heavy hitting, thick and extremely saturated.

I play with a heavy hitting metal drummer and it cut's the mix, I never get the amp up past 2. I run it through either an EVH 2x12 or Marshall 1960AX with greenbacks and it's just insanely loud.

I'm willing to sell or trade but I'm also considering keeping it.

Trade considerations:
• Marshall JCM800 2203X Reissue
• Fryette/VHT Deliverance 120
• Fryette/VHT Sig X
• Fryette/VHT Ultra lead with 5 band EQ
• Fryette/VHT Fatbottom / Deliverance 2x12
• Neural DSP Quad Cortex
• Rickenbacker 620 6 string

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