Reeves Custom Lead 60 Head

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Reeves Custom Lead 60 Head

The Marshall Super Lead “Brown Sound” at any volume level with power scaling.

This amazing amplifier is in like-new condition. Built in Blue Ash, this particular head is no longer in production.

The price is $1,600. Cash only. No trades. Local sale.

Below is the description from the Reeves website:

Reeves Custom Lead
The Reeves Custom Lead is a 60 watt take on the vaunted Marshall Super Lead, circa 1968, but with a few upgrades. As many a player will attest to the wonderful attributes of the Super Lead, the biggest issue was and still is, that in order to get "the tone" one has to open up the amplifier. Of course getting the Super Lead in the "sweet spot" means a very high dose of volume that might not be acceptable to home or even live venue use. We here at Reeves Amplification thought it would be a natural to mate the Super Lead circuit with Power Scaling licensed from London Power to allow the wattage of the amplifier to be dialed down to whatever level you need-anywhere between the maximum 60W down to less than 0.01W output. So now the amplifier's power tubes can be pushed into "break-up" at any volume. 

A very unique thing about Power Scaling is that if a user so chooses, he can take the Power Scaling and Drive controls out of the circuit and run the Custom Lead as a stock, non-master volume, old school amplifier. Or one can leave the Power Scaling out of the circuit and utilize the Normal, Bright and Drive controls in a typical master volume configuration. Giving players the capability of going from clean high headroom tone to classic crunch.
Another feature we added for the Custom Lead is a 3-way toggle Voice switch. This switch allows capacitors to be switched in and out of the preamp; thus resulting in stock to slightly altered tones.

As with all Reeves amplifiers, this amp is entirely hand assembled and wired using only the finest quality components-carbon composition resistors, STK and TAD "Dijon" coupling caps assembled on a Garolite turret board utilizing "Mil-Spec" wiring techniques.
True to the original circuit design:
• All-tube circuit
• Hand wired turret board construction
• Split cathode on V1 .68uf / 2k7 and 330uf / 820
• 100uf power supply filtering
• 33k / 500pf tone stack combo
• .022uf output coupling capacitors
• 200k bias splitter resistors

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