Royal Enfield 650 INT GT - $5,900 (Cincinnati)

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type: cafe racer
condition: like new
engine displacement (CC): 650
motor: gas
odometer: 1885
title status: clean
transmission: manual
YouTube Video of Royal Enfield 650 INT GT in action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HfN5EcUu7Y

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 Review
Simple, plain, and almost perfect.

Doug Toland
July 20, 2022
2022 Royal Enfield INT650 ridden down street
It’s a simple parallel twin with just 41 ponies, but it’s a joy to ride. It even left a former superbike racer wanting more.
As a teenager working at a motorcycle dealership, I grew up riding mostly inline four-cylinder motorcycles. The slower parallel twin-cylinder four-stroke motorcycles seemed comparatively boring, being just a bit before my time. Friends have offered me their vintage single- and twin-cylinder motorcycles to throw a leg over, and I’m always thankful to receive these offers, with their implicit level of trust. But I’ve always politely declined. Today’s bikes pack more than 150 rear-wheel horsepower into brilliant computer-designed chassis and control it all with electronic rider aids. In light of all this performance, why would anyone want to ride some slow, heavy ‘60s-style motorcycle? Let alone build one?

I suppose the need to answer that question made Cycle World exchange my last test bike, the 155 rear-wheel-horsepower, 442-pound 2022 BMW S 1000 R M-series, for the 482-pound 2022 Royal Enfield INT650, a bike that lays down a smooth 40.9 rear-wheel horsepower and 37.35 lb.-ft. of torque on the CW Dynojet 250i dyno. Of course, I happily took it, thinking I could certainly find the good in it if I just dug deep enough. Then I proceeded to smack my right knee against the clutch actuating arm at the top of the Enfield’s right engine cover while clambering aboard for the first time.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 near beach
Our Royal Enfield INT650 test unit has an MSRP of $6,199.Jeff Allen
So perhaps not a great first impression. But of course a few rough edges are to be expected on a vintage-styled bike. What wasn’t expected was that I was wrong to assume I’d have to dig deep to find the good in this bike. I hadn’t gone far—my knee might still have been throbbing—before I’d discovered that the INT650 is an extremely fun motorcycle.

It’s definitely no-frills, simple, and plain; it still uses tube-type 18-inch tires on its spoked black rims. It even has a center stand, which to be fair is a nice feature. In fact the Enfield is basically made out of antiquated yet classy features, like very loud dual horns that are tucked nicely away, or its separated old-school sweep-style digital speedometer and tachometer. A bit of visible technology, inset within that speedometer, is the limited multifunction LCD display for the fuel gauge, odometer, and trip A/B. But there’s not even a clock, and you never know what you really miss until it’s gone.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 gauges
Analog speedometer and tachometer pods are simple and straightforward, the former houses a small LCD screen for the fuel level, odometer, and tripmeters.
The rider cockpit is complemented by basic handlebar switches mounted to tall, well-placed handlebars, all simple and old-school that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Nothing to learn or program; just climb aboard, ride, and feel the wind across your body. Elemental stuff, and a nice reminder that everything we love about riding is just an extension of this sensation.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 turning
A comfortable, upright seating position is perfect for the intended usage of the INT650.
The Royal Enfield lopes along well at 75 mph, turning 5,000 rpm in top gear, just below where the torque and power curves cross at around 5,252 rpm. Of course first you have to get there, which takes a bit more time and planning with its slow-revving 270-degree 648cc twin. Yet this is no chore; this engine runs smooth, thanks to its counter balancer, perfect fuel-injection mapping, and silky, nicely spaced six-speed transmission.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 engine
A 648cc parallel twin propels the INT650 down the road comfortably with a 60 mpg average fuel economy.
Usable torque starts building just off idle, making 90 percent of peak torque just below 2,500 rpm. Revs build smoothly up to an indicated 7,500 rpm redline, but there’s absolutely no reason to zing it that high. The joy comes from just simply riding, plain and simple.

Twist the cable-operated throttle, ease out the clutch lever while the fully chromed dual exhaust rumbles gently, start shifting through the gears while the twin-cylinder engine gradually builds speed, and enjoy the ride. It’s a very involved process for the rider; accelerating from a stoplight usually gets you in third gear by the other side of an intersection. Impressively, at the upper end of polite freeway speeds, the motorcycle is so smooth that the rider has a perfect, unblurred view behind them in the mirrors. The only real comfort note is a fair amount of heat from the air/oil-cooled engine on the lower legs; the Enfield is fitted with an oil cooler, but still gets a bit toasty as ambient temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blasting the 2022 Royal Enfield INT650 around town
Blasting around town and enjoying shorter jaunts is where the INT650 excels.
In the same way the INT doesn’t have huge amounts of raw power, it also doesn’t have a turn-on-a-dime chassis. Of course, it doesn’t need one. The steel-tube Harris-designed frame fully cradles the engine and works well with the pretty basic suspension. The Enfield neutrally tracks where you point it and doesn’t do anything you’re not expecting, and for a bike like this, that’s enough.

Naturally, it’d be nice if it were more than enough, but as it is, the suspension is just a bit out of balance between the front and rear. The nonadjustable 41mm front fork gives 4.5 inches of wheel travel, but would benefit from being firmer, as it’s a bit clunky over low-speed bumps. When going faster, the fork is nowhere near as cushy as the rear shocks, twin rear Gabriels with a six-position, stepped preload adjuster, piggyback reservoirs, 3.5 inches of wheel travel, and good bump absorption.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 shock
Suspension is nonadjustable on the INT650, save a stepped preload collar on the piggyback shocks.
Rear ride quality is augmented by the INT650′s long, cushy, one-piece seat that provides good passenger comfort and even has a passenger grab rail wrapped around it. The diamond pattern seat cover is also a nice touch. Seat height is a CW-measured 32.7 inches; getting both of my feet flat on the ground at a stop is a piece of cake with my 32-inch inseam. The seat never wore out the rider when clocking a few one-hour-plus freeway trips, offering plenty of room to move around on, but informal butt tolerance was reached at 70 miles or so. Should a person want to ride a longer stint, the range on the INT’s 3.6-gallon fuel tank is rather good; the reserve indicator should begin flashing around 150 miles while achieving an impressive 60 mpg.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 Seat
There’s plenty of room to move around the diamond-stitched seat.
A rare example of undesirable old-school character is the INT650′s habit of the front tire tracking freeway rain grooves. It’s not terrible or frightening, just annoying, the wrong kind of throwback.

Having an easy, casual ride on winding roads is also interesting because while these roads may invite speed, this isn’t what the Royal Enfield is about. Although you can have a spirited ride without scaring yourself, the INT is about sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the ride. Cruising along briskly but pleasantly is what the Enfield does best.

When riding at the Royal Enfield’s preferred pace, the brakes provide perfectly adequate stopping force. These are ByBre calipers, matched up with a 320mm single front and 240mm rear disc, and running through steel-braided lines. Feel is high quality, and the function is better than would be expected; feedback is good, and the Bosch ABS never activated accidentally during testing.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 Brakes
By Bre brakes provide better than expected feel, power, and feedback.
And function aside, the form is definitely eye-catching. The INT scored high on the informal scale of how many people stopped us to check out the bike while we were gassing up or running errands. Design is very subjective, but based on numerous random interactions and our own eyes, the INT650 is a home-run interpretation of a classic design.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 left side
Numerous conversations while out and about prove the INT650 catches the eye and piques interest.
Some of that British-designed, India-manufactured interpretation could be a bit more refined. The handlebars and top triple clamp on our testbike were a smidgen crooked; the speedometer and tachometer were visibly uneven. The bolted-on chrome handlebar crossbar was also very visibly crooked against the rise of the handlebar. The stamped metal rear master cylinder cover plate could be wrapped a tad more tightly, so the rider’s boot or polishing cloth doesn’t catch on its too-sharp edge. A non-assembly issue we had was the engine stop switch; its internal contacts sometimes wouldn’t turn back to the run position, meaning the starter button would not work unless the run/stop switch was toggled multiple times. This also caused some idling issues when stopped; sometimes the engine would not run correctly unless I fiddled with the switch. The engine would fully recover and reset by turning the key off for a few seconds and then back on.

That experience was especially disappointing, because the Enfield is otherwise such a joy to ride and feels like a solid package even after living with it for 1,000 miles. Aside from the engine stop switch, these are all minor details that can be easily addressed during assembly. Enfield itself places a lot of confidence in the INT650 and provides a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty that even includes roadside assistance.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650
You can leave the superbike out of the motorcycle, but you can’t remove the racer from the test rider. The INT650 will respond to a bit of hooliganism if need be.
The Royal Enfield INT650 is old school in all the best ways. It has just the right amount of technology to make it easy to live with and a pleasure to ride for new or experienced riders, solo or with a passenger. It does not have huge amounts of power or bleeding-edge running gear, but it’s beautifully simple and pleasant to ride. And, hey, it comes with dual horns, a center stand, and a proper tool kit, along other helpful bits. All of which is reflected in its $6,199 price as tested. Depending on the color combination, the price ranges from $5,999 to $6,699.

It’s hard to say the INT650 isn’t worth it. And it’s worth repeating that one should never underestimate a plain, simple, classic-style motorcycle and the joy it can bring.

2022 Royal Enfield INT650 Specifications
MSRP: $6,799
Engine: SOHC, air/oil-cooled parallel twin, 4 valves/cyl.
Displacement: 648cc
Bore x Stroke: 78.0 x 67.8mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/chain
Cycle World Measured Horsepower: 40.9 hp @ 6,780 rpm
Cycle World Measured Torque: 37.4 lb.-ft. @ 5,100 rpm
Fuel System: Electronic fuel injection
Clutch: Wet, multiplate slipper
Engine Management/Ignition:
Frame: Tubular mild steel, double cradle
Front Suspension: 41mm conventional damping rod fork; 4.3 in. travel
Rear Suspension: Twin coilover shocks, preload adjustable; 3.5 in. travel
Front Brake: 2-piston floating caliper, 320mm disc w/ ABS
Rear Brake: 1-piston floating caliper, 240mm disc w/ ABS
Wheels, Front/Rear: Aluminum, spoked
Tires, Front/Rear: Ceat Zoomcruz; 100/90-18 / 130/70-18
Rake/Trail: 24.0°/4.2 in.
Wheelbase: 55.1 in.
Ground Clearance: 6.9 in.
Seat Height: 32.7 in.
Fuel Capacity: 3.6 gal
Average MPG: 60.0 mpg
Cycle World Measured Wet Weight: 482 lb.
Contact: royalenfield.com

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