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Dear Parent,

I'm reaching out to and looking for Moms, that are in various stages of their search for childcare. I believe that all Moms are different and unique, and your approach to finding care, is personal and varies. So whether you are looking for immediate care to begin right now, or your searching now, for care that you'll need in the future, I welcome your contact!

I believe that it is never to early to begin the search for childcare, and that's why I welcome your contact. Whether your a Mom who's in her first, second, or third trimester of pregnancy, or your a Mom who's on maternity leave, and interested in starting your search for care now, I would love to talk to you! There are so many advantages to finding care this way, and I love working with Moms who have made it their choice to do so. Some of my fondest memories regarding childcare stem from families that I began with this way.

I believe it's wonderful when parents plan ahead in making a decision as important as this one is. Doing so enables you to take your time in finding an early childhood care provider, that is a good fit for your family. It also allows you the option of getting to know your provider personally, before the baby arrives, so that you can now relax, throughout the remaining months of your pregnancy, knowing you'll have peace of mind, while enjoying your maternity leave, and calm of heart, when it's time to leave your precious little one, with the childcare provider that you have gotten to know and trust, and your now completely comfortable with. I've enjoyed this experience with countless families throughout my career and I hope to share it with you.

Thanks for your interest in "My Nurturing Care" I've been providing early childhood care over the past 25 years, and their are no words to describe how much I love taking care of children. My God given gift of childcare is being able to connect with each child in my care, and enable him or her to feel as though they are the only little person in my world.

Over the years parents have entrusted me with the care of their precious newborns and remained with me until their precious treasure was ready to transition into preschool or kindergarten. My curriculum encapsulates the Montessori approach, and formal early teaching methods. It has been my professional observation that children respond well in both early childhood learning environments.

For the precious newborns in my care, I give loving attention that ranges from holding, cuddling, rocking, swaying, walking with, soothing and comforting your little one. My thoughtful interactions also include singing, reading, and talking to my tiny ones, because I have found that little ones love to be engaged with this way, it enables them to feel safe, secure,and comfortable while their being held, or when he or she needs to be set down for a moment, so that they can relax or play in their own space.

For the precious infants or toddlers in my care, I provide gentle structure, along with age appropriate space, and activities that encourage early academic learning through fun and play. I love teaching little ones their ABC's, and their numbers, and all about shapes and sizes, colors and coloring, I love to read to them, and show them how to do puzzles and crafts. Once they have grasped this first stage of early academic learning, we transition into a formal early childhood learning environment, that caters to each child's individualism, and uniqueness. It will instill a positive self-concept in children, while providing a nurturing and creative environment that encourages their growth and development. In my secure and loving climate, your child will grow into an happy, independent person.

Children learn at a variety of paces, in many different ways, therefore it is vital that their environment caters to each child's ability, to retain everything that they are taking in. They're able to do this with ease when they are free to explore their environment, and creatively play with their toys and materials.

There is an abundance of age-specific activities to explore and enjoy, things to see, hear, feel, touch, and move. I provide a space filled with responsive interactions, and activities that encourage large and small motor experiences, sensory experiences, cognitive experiences, with music, language and their personal expressions.

The first 5 years in a child's life is an extraordinary time, that sets the stage for all of the years that follow. This is the time that they develop abilities that form the foundation for future education and learning. I am devoted to maintaining an environment where self-esteem, self-discipline, love of learning and respect for others is paramount.

For the precious twaddlers in my care, I offer an environment that is fun and engaging. I've always enjoyed teaching children in this age group how to spell, read, write, count, draw, sing, dance, play instruments and games, and how to use the potty properly. I also teach them age appropriate social skills and manners, which includes learning how to share and take turns. This is important because they are about to transition into the social world of preschool.

For the precious preschoolers in my care, I understand that they are learning to be more independent and think for themselves, while engaging in activities that are child choice, with self-directed play, in small groups, with supportive teaching. They'll learn how to be creative, interact with other children, and make decision. They will learn the days in the week, months and seasons in the year, climates of weather, addition and subtraction, and how to sort and match things. Grasping these important basic and fundamental things, lays the foundation to all of the early childhood education benchmarks that children are assessed by.

A child's growth flows as a continuous process. It is a gradual move from one stage of development to another. An example of this is a child must walk before they can run. Physical development refers to a child's ability to move, coordinate and control their body. This development can be divided into two categories: gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills refers to controlling large parts of the body, such as the arms and the legs. Fine motor skills refers to coordinating small body parts such as the hands and fingers.

It has always been my goal to foster healthy growth by giving children opportunities to practice new skills as well as promoting healthy habits during these important childhood years. Children learn best when they are engaged in meaningful projects. They discover a great deal about the world and are able to practice a variety of skills when they create a work of art together.

My environment will foster your child's self-esteem, while developing their love of learning, and it will prepare them for academic excellence, throughout their years in school and college. It is my indescribable joy to watch and enable little ones to blossom and develop mentally, emotionally, cognitively, socially, academically, and physically.

My Nurturing Care, inspires little ones that are dreamers and wishers, singers and dancers, musicians and artists, athletes and trainers, designers and stylists, inventors and builders, architects and engineers doctors and lawyers, adventurers and explorers, children that laugh, children that hug, children that are hopeful, children that are curious, children that are happy, and children that are joyous. It facilitates learning in a clean, safe and secure, environment that nurtures your child's uniqueness, while honing problem solving and critical thinking skills, that are vital in a path of lifelong learning and success.

I am by nature a natural nurturer, who is empathetic. Having empathy enables me to see, hear, and feel, all things in reference to childcare through the eyes of the parents, and I understand the childcare concerns that most parents have, in regards to to finding a childcare provider, that you can trust, with a great personality, wonderful work ethics, and a fabulous environment, that your precious treasure can grow and thrive in.

It is with a heart of empathy that I have always done my best to address these concerns, by being warm, friendly, stable and reliable, as well as open, honest, patient and communicative. I understand the importance of having and using insight, foresight, discernment, discretion, and common sense. I offer an environment that is neat, clean, tidy, and organized, as well as joyous, peaceful, tranquil and safe.

Selecting an early childhood care provider, is one of the most difficult and important decisions, that you'll make for your child. and a great deal of thought and deliberation will go into your process. Therefore you deserve the peace of mind, and calm of heart, along with the feeling of contentment, that comes from knowing, you've made the right choice and best decision in finding a provider that is a great fit for your family.

As aforementioned, there are no words to describe how much I love working with parents and taking care of your children. When parents choose me to administer nurturing care to their precious treasure, I consider it a privilege and honor, and I don't take lightly, my commitment to have a significant and positive influence, on the children entrusted to my care, thus enabling them to discover and reach their full potential. I look forward to getting to know your family as we embark on this journey together.

Rates are based on my 25 years of experience, my knowledge in reference to childcare, the environment that I offer, and the hours that are needed. Some families need a 6 hour day, (give or take) Some families need a 8 hour day, (give or take) Some families need a 10 hour day, (give or take) Some families need a 12 hour day, (give or take)

My rates are tax deductible and market competitive. They're considered to be very reasonable, and extremely fair, when you take into consideration everything that they include. (please see below) I'm open to and welcome the discussion of rates that range between 160.00 and 190.00 per week. Please note that within reason, my rates are negotiable. I've always believed that we can find and decide on a rate, that is mutually comfortable, and a great fit for all of the parties concerned. My rates apply to all ages.

My Full-Time rates range between 205.00 - 225.00 per week
Five days a week is considered Full-Time (Monday - Friday)
(the rate we decide on will depend on the hours that are needed)

My Full/Part-Time rates range between 190.00 - 200.00 per week
Four days a week is considered Full/Part-Time (Monday - Friday)
(the rate we decide on will depend on the hours that are needed)

My Part-Time rates range between 60.00 - 180.00 per week
Three or less days a week is considered Part-Time (Monday - Friday)
(the rate we decide on will depend on the hours that are needed)

Meals, Snacks, Milk, Beverages
Pampers, Wipes, Diaper Creams

A clean home that is smoke and pet free
Care for children ages newborn-four
Care for twins and multiples
Plenty of age appropriate space and activities
Excellent references
Brand new childcare paraphernalia

Late Night Care
Date Night Care
Overnight Care
After Work Care
Weekend Care
Vacation Care

Sibling Discount
Referral Discount

Please inquire about this program. With your permission, when able I'd love to send you pictures of your little one, engaged in activities, enjoying their day, and having a wonderful time with his or her little friends. It is truly amazing to see their growth from month to month through pictures.

I have over 20 years of experience in early childhood education and care
I'm First Aid and CPR certified (infants children adults)
I have a clean medical and criminal background
I have a valid drivers license and an excellent driving record
I'm located in the Beckett Ridge area of West Chester
My Full-Time hours are Monday-Friday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
My Part-Time hours can be arranged

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Thank you for your interest and time.

Best Regards
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