STEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! - $80

STEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 1 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 2 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 3 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 4 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 5 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 6 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 7 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 8 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 9 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 10 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 11 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 12 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 13 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 14 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 15 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 16 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 17 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 18 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 19 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 20 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 21 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 22 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 23 thumbnailSTEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!! 24 thumbnail
condition: good
make / manufacturer: Temporary Bridges | DRIVEWAYS
model name / number: SHIPPING QUOTES w/No Markups
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MOREโฌ‡๏ธMATERIALS

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USED STEEL GRATING | Great for Driveways, Temp Bridges & MORE!!

PURCHASE ONLINE: ๐Ÿ‘‰https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/steel-grating/

Questions?? SHIPPING QUOTE?? Call Us @ 877-282-USED (8733)

๐Ÿ”ดInventory below is just a partial look at what we have @ each location.
Please visit our website, call or stop by today for more options and photos.

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in ARIZONA @ ๐Ÿ‘‰5295 Lakewood Rd., Fort Mohave, AZ 86426
๐ŸŸข$286.50 | 24"x19'x1" 191lbs
๐ŸŸข$245.25 | 30"x11'x1" 163.50lbs
๐ŸŸข$171.00 | Painted-21-1/2"x10'x1" 114.0lbs
๐ŸŸข$171.00 | Painted-21-1/2"x9'x1" 114.0lbs
๐ŸŸข$171.00 | Painted-23"x10'x1" 114.0lbs
๐ŸŸข$207.00 | Painted-36"x8-1/2'x1" 138lbs

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in COLORADO @ ๐Ÿ‘‰1005 S 120th St. Lafayette, CO 80026
๐ŸŸข$126.00 | 14-3/8"x14'x1"-84 lbs
๐ŸŸข$264.00 | 18"x16'x1"-176 lbs
๐ŸŸข$181.50 | 19"x11'x1"-121 lbs
๐ŸŸข$198.00 | 19"x12'x1"-132 lbs
๐ŸŸข$148.50 | 23-3/4"x11'x1"-99 lbs
๐ŸŸข$162.00 | 23-3/4"x12'x1"-108 lbs
๐ŸŸข$181.50 | 28-1/2"x11'x1"-121 lbs
๐ŸŸข$198.00 | 28-1/2"x12'x1"-132 lbs
๐ŸŸข$231.00 | 35-3/4"x11'x1"-154 lbs
๐ŸŸข$252.00 | 35-3/4"x12'x1"-168 lbs
๐ŸŸข$216.00 | Painted-14-1/8"x16'x1-1/2"-144 lbs
๐ŸŸข$273.00 | Painted-24"x13'x1-1/2"-182 lbs
๐ŸŸข$336.00 | Painted-24"x16'x1-1/2"-224 lbs
๐ŸŸข$231.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x11'x1"-154 lbs
๐ŸŸข$273.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x13'x1"-182 lbs
๐ŸŸข$294.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x14'x1"-196 lbs
๐ŸŸข$336.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x16'x1"-224 lbs
๐ŸŸข$357.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x17'x1"-238 lbs
๐ŸŸข$378.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x18'x1"-252 lbs
๐ŸŸข$690.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x23'x1-1/2"-460 lbs
๐ŸŸข$720.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x24'x1"-480 lbs
๐ŸŸข$189.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x9'x1"-126 lbs

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in TEXAS @ ๐Ÿ‘‰5703 Crawford Ln, Suite C Forest Hills, TX 76119
๐ŸŸข$412.50 | 28-5/8"x16'x1"-275lbs
๐ŸŸข$447.00 | 29-3/4"x21'x1"-298lbs
๐ŸŸข$451.50 | 29-3/4"x22'x1"-301lbs
๐ŸŸข$229.50 | 35-3/4"x10'x1"-153lbs
๐ŸŸข$240.00 | 35-3/4"x11'x1"-160lbs
๐ŸŸข$123.00 | 35-3/4"x5'x1"-82lbs
๐ŸŸข$139.50 | 35-3/4"x6'x1"-93lbs
๐ŸŸข$150.00 | 35-3/4"x7'x1"-100lbs
๐ŸŸข$232.50 | Painted-29-3/4"x10'x1"-155lbs

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in IOWA @ ๐Ÿ‘‰1725 East Maple St., Maquoketa, IA 52060
๐ŸŸข$136.50 | 21-1/2" x 10'-6"' x 1"-91lbs
๐ŸŸข$153.00 | 21-1/2" x 12' x 1"-102lbs
๐ŸŸข$92.25 | 21-1/2" x 7' x 1"-61.5lbs
๐ŸŸข$148.50 | 21-1/2"x11'x1" 99 1lbs
๐ŸŸข$186.00 | 21-1/2"x14'-6"x1" 124 1lbs
๐ŸŸข$87.00 | 21-1/2"x6'x1" 58 1lbs
๐ŸŸข$241.50 | 34-1/2" x 12' x 1"-161lbs
๐ŸŸข$177.00 | 34-1/2" x 8' x 1"-118 lbs
๐ŸŸข$358.50 | 34-1/2"x17'x1" 239 1lbs
๐ŸŸข$232.50 | 34-3/4" x 11' x 1"-155lbs-1/8"
๐ŸŸข$262.50 | 34-3/4" x 13' x 1"-175lbs
๐ŸŸข$136.50 | Painted-19"x12'x1"-91 lbs
๐ŸŸข$162.00 | Painted-22-3/4"x12'x1"-108 lbs
๐ŸŸข$211.50 | Painted-23-7/8"x15'x1"-141 lbs
๐ŸŸข$195.00 | Painted-27-1/4"x12'x1"-130 lbs
๐ŸŸข$204.00 | Painted-28-5/8"x12'x1"-136 lbs
๐ŸŸข$285.00 | Painted-28-5/8"x17'x1"-190 lbs
๐ŸŸข$321.00 | Painted-28-5/8"x19'x1"-214 lbs
๐ŸŸข$337.50 | Painted-28-5/8"x20'x1'-225 lbs
๐ŸŸข$523.50 | Painted-34-3/4" x 18' x 1"-349 lbs
๐ŸŸข$337.50 | Painted-34-3/4"x12'x1" -225 lbs

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in OHIO @ ๐Ÿ‘‰2300 Milton Blvd Newton Falls, OH 44444
๐ŸŸข$459.00 | 35-3/4"x21'x1"-306 lbs
๐ŸŸข$522.00 | 35-3/4"x23'-5"x1"-348 lbs
๐ŸŸข$148.50 | 21-1/2"x12'x1"-99 lbs
๐ŸŸข$480.00 | 23-7/8"x24'x1"-320lbs
๐ŸŸข$208.50 | 36"x10'x1"-139 lbs
๐ŸŸข$256.50 | 36"x12'x1"-171 lbs
๐ŸŸข$310.50 | 36"x15'x1"-207 lbs
๐ŸŸข$144.00 | 36"x7"x1"-96 lbs
๐ŸŸข$183.00 | 36"x8'x1"-122 lbs
๐ŸŸข$202.50 | Painted-28-1/2"x12'x1"-135 lbs

โฌ‡๏ธLocated in SOUTH CAROLINA @ ๐Ÿ‘‰70 State St., Williston, SC 29853
๐ŸŸข$76.50 | 14-3/16"x6'x1"- 51 lbs
๐ŸŸข$408.00 | 23-7/8"x24'x1"- 272lbs
๐ŸŸข$396.00 | 28-11/16"X15'x1"- 264 lbs
๐ŸŸข$421.50 | 28-11/16"X16'x1"- 281 lbs
๐ŸŸข$358.50 | 28-5/8"x23'x1"- 239lbs
๐ŸŸข$246.00 | 29-13/16"x13'x1"-164lbs
๐ŸŸข$268.50 | 29-13/16"x14'x1"- 179 lb
๐ŸŸข$307.50 | 29-13/16"x16'x1"- 205 lbs
๐ŸŸข$327.00 | 29-13/16"x17'x1"- 218 lbs
๐ŸŸข$375.00 | 29-13/16"x21'x1"-250 lbs
๐ŸŸข$390.00 | 35-3/4"x17'x1"- 260 lbs
๐ŸŸข$502.50 | 35-3/4"x23'x1"- 335lbs
๐ŸŸข$529.50 | 35-3/4"X23'x1"- 353 lbs
๐ŸŸข$147.00 | Painted-17-15/16"x9'x1-1/2"-98 lbs
๐ŸŸข$171.00 | Painted-21-1/2"x13'x1"-114 lbs
๐ŸŸข$210.00 | Painted-22-11/16"x10'x1"-140 lbs
๐ŸŸข$304.50 | Painted-23-7/8"x18'x1"- 203lbs
๐ŸŸข$192.00 | Painted-29-13/16"X10'x1"- 128 lbs
๐ŸŸข$135.00 | Painted-29-13/16"x7'x1"- 90 lbs
๐ŸŸข$322.50 | Painted-35-3/4"x10'x1"-215 lbs
๐ŸŸข$309.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x10'x1-1/2"- 206 lbs
๐ŸŸข$411.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x13'x1"-274 lbs
๐ŸŸข$426.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x13'x1-1/2" 284 lbs
๐ŸŸข$159.00 | Painted-35-3/4"x6'x1"- 106 lbs

Shipping Method: LTL, Flat-Bed or Pick Up
Contact Us for a Custom Shipping Quote @ 877-282-USED (8733)
backSTORY: This grating was once used on an elevated cat-walk for foot traffic inside of a warehousing facility. These 1โ€ณ thick gratings have lots of life and usefulness left in them.

Product Note: Grating may have some bent ends or rust present.
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ARIZONA: ๐Ÿ‘‰5295 Lakewood Rd., Fort Mohave, AZ 86426
COLORADO: ๐Ÿ‘‰1005 S 120th St, Lafayette, CO 80026
TEXAS: ๐Ÿ‘‰5703 Crawford Ln, Suite C Forest Hills, TX 76119
OHIO: ๐Ÿ‘‰2300 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, OH 44444
IOWA: ๐Ÿ‘‰1725 East Maple St., Maquoketa, IA 52060
SOUTH CAROLINA: ๐Ÿ‘‰70 State St., Williston, SC 29853

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