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ATTENTION: Anyone who isn't currently playing in our league and who might have an interest in playing in 2019.

We will start looking at new players effective immediately. We have 21 teams and players of all skill levels are welcome!

We have an indoor practice facility available every Sunday for any new guys who are interested. individuals or groups of guys are welcome.

A little info about our league:

Every year each team will lose on average 3-4 players due to a variety of reasons, which include retirement, work conflicts, injuries, etc. Our goal as a league is to help supplement the rosters of our existing teams. Last year we held monthly indoor workouts over the winter to allow new players a chance to showcase their skills. Last year's program was an overwhelming success, as we placed approximately two dozen players in the league including a couple guys who ended up being All Stars! Now is the best time to get on a team as roster spots tend to fill up quickly in the Spring.

Below are some of the questions frequently asked about our league.

IS THERE ANY COST TO TRY OUT? No. The indoor workouts are free to new players looking to join a team. All you'll need is a wood bat and a glove. You can find wood bats cheaply at Play it Again Sports or through our league supplier Brooks Hazelbaker show contact info . Make sure to wear gym shoes as cleats will not be permitted on the turf. Tobacco, gum, and sunflower seeds are also prohibited on the turf inside.

WHAT WILL THE WORKOUT CONSIST OF? We will have access to three batting cages, a couple of mounds, and a turfed area. You'll get plenty of opportunities to swing the bat, and throw off the mound if you are a pitcher. We will use the turfed area to do some infield drills to demonstrate athleticism and arm strength. You are welcome to attend as many workouts as we have. There are likely to be different teams at each workout!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PLAY IF I END UP ON A TEAM? There is no simple answer to this question as it varies from team to team. Factors can include roster size, uniform costs, and expenses related to holding practices before the season starts. Each team will have umpire costs of approximately $2000. The average team played 31 games last year and umpires get paid $70 on Sundays and $60 on Wednesdays. Each team will also pay the league approximately $2000. The vast majority of that money is collected to cover field expenses. Other expenses include league insurance, baseballs, season ending banquet, All Star Game, awards, and any other miscellaneous expenses that may arise. So take the $2000 for umpires and add $2000 for league fees and you have approximately $4000 to operate a team. Add any uniform or other team related expenses and divide that by the number of players on the roster. This should be on average anywhere between $250-$325 per player, depending on how many guys are on the roster. When you consider that you'll be playing over 30 games, it breaks down to less than $10 per game. Again, this is just a rough estimate, these costs could be more or less from team to team.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE AGE? In 2018 the average age of our players was just under 36 years old (35.82). We have a minimum requirement that a player must be 25 years old by the end of the calendar year to play, and that anyone who pitches must be 27 by the end of the calendar year. In 2016, there were almost as many guys who were over the age of 45, as there were guys under the age of 30. We also had 6 father/son combinations on teams as well! The vast majority of players lie within the 30-39 year old age bracket. Although many of our best players and pitchers are over the age of 40!

WHY IS THE PITCHING AGE DIFFERENT THAN THE REGULAR PLAYING AGE? The league started with a minimum age of 30 and operated that way for a long time. In the early 2000's the minimum age was reduced to 28. In 2006, a proposal to reduce the minimum age to 25 was presented in order to make the league available for more players. The proposal wasn't accepted unanimously so a compromise was met stating that 25 year olds could play, but could not be eligible to pitch until they turned 28. The thinking is that a pitcher has more impact on a game than any other position. The minimum pitching age was subsequently reduced to its current status of 27 in a similar compromise in 2012. The ages are based on the calendar year so in theory a 24 year old could play and a 26 year old could pitch provided they turn the required age by December 31st.

HOW LONG HAS THIS LEAGUE BEEN AROUND? The league was established in 1988. Since then we have undergone a few changes and affiliations. In 2011 we adopted the name Cincinnati Adult Baseball League. In 2018 we fielded a record 21 teams. Our goal is to provide an outlet for men over the age of 25 to keep playing the greatest game ever invented.

WHEN ARE GAMES, AND DO TEAMS HOLD PRACTICES? Games are played on Wednesday nights (7 inning games) at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings (9 inning games) at 9:30 a.m. Each team will average playing around 30-34 games a year. The Wednesdays will start in mid May once the High School season is over (opening up access to many of our fields). The Sundays will start in the third week of April. The regular season extends through August and the playoffs begin on the Wednesday after Labor Day. I can't speak for all teams but I know once the season starts usually its just games. Organized practices don't really happen during the season. That's not to say a few guys here and there won't meet up at a batting cage mid week on their own.

WHY DO YOU PLAY SO EARLY ON SUNDAYS? Field availability is much better early on Sundays, we avoid the hottest part of the day (especially important during Summer), and games are usually over with by noon so guys can go enjoy the rest of the day with their families.

WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? You will need to have a wood bat because that is all that we permit, no metal bats are allowed. Most guys wear metal cleats, but molded cleats would be fine as well. We do use some turf fields which do require molded cleats. You can pick up a cheap pair of molded cleats at Play it Again Sports. We also have a contact that sells us wood bats for $20 or less.

WHAT IF I CAN ONLY PLAY PART TIME? Every team has guys who will play either Wednesday or Sunday only. Every team understands that guys will miss games for a variety of reasons. That's why most teams keep 18-20 players on their roster. It is up to each team how they handle individual player fees for part time guys.

HOW HARD DO THE PITCHERS THROW? There are a handful of pitchers that can still crank it up a bit over 80 MPH, but the vast majority are probably throwing in the 70's. The talent level varies from guys who didn't play in high school all the way up to some guys who played professionally.

HOW COMPETITIVE IS THE LEAGUE? Like any league, we have some teams that are going to be more competitive than others. When scheduling we make an effort to reduce the amount of potentially lopsided games. That said, 2018 was probably our most competitive year ever given the improvement of the league in general. The top 4 teams in the standings were separated by just one game! Of the 245 games played, 29% of those were decided by 2 runs or less. 47% of all games were decided by 4 runs or less. Close competitive games are fun and good for everyone involved.

AM I GUARANTEED PLAYING TIME? Generally speaking I'd say no, but that is of course at the discretion of each team. As previously mentioned, guys will miss games for a variety of reasons. A roster of 18-20 guys can commonly become 9-12 guys on game day. That said, if you show up consistently, opportunities should be there. We also have some generous substitution rules, such as free defensive substitution, courtesy runners, re-entering games, and shared batting slots, all of which encourage more player participation.

DO YOU MAKE UP RAINOUTS? Yes. We set aside multiple dates in August to make up games that were rained out earlier in the season. There are around 33-34 dates open in the regular season. In a typical year about a half dozen of those will get rained out.

DO YOU PLAY ON HOLIDAYS? For the most part the answer is No! There are no games on Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend, the closest game date to the 4th of July, and on Labor Day Weekend. We do play on Father's Day!

DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE? Yes. Game summaries, schedules, rosters, player statistics, and standings can be found on our league web site at We also put up summaries and pictures on our Facebook site

If there is anything that we've failed to address here feel free to ask. Contact info is show contact info .

If you would be kind enough to share this it would be appreciated! Word of mouth is really our best marketing tool, far too many guys believe softball is their only option and aren't aware that Adult Baseball Leagues exist! Thanks
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