Brown Field Service LLC (Florence KY)

I would like to share my experience with Dan Brown DECEPTIVE owner. I met Dan about two and a half years ago. He told me I didn't need a motor in my caterpillar skid steer. He charged me 4k to work on it and it ran for less than a 150 hours before blowing up. Well you win some you lose some. I thought it was just my luck. He now told me it would cost 13k to rebuild the motor. The first week was waisted because it took me a week to decide what I was going to do. He called me several times trying to get the go a head n $9500 down. This was on was paid on January 24th 2024. So as of right now he has had my skid steer for 137 days. He originally told me he could do it in a week. That was a bold face lie!!!! he has now had my skid steer for almost 20 weeks or 5 months and its still not fixed. I have a lot going on in my personal life at the current time. more important things than the skid steer. So I didn't rush him and have been more than kind and patient. but as of yesterday I reached my limit. He was supposed to call me last week but like normal no communication. He has given me every excuse in the book and then some as to why he isn't able to fix my skid steer. Except the truth INCOMPTENACE!! Richard Miller Const. LLC 513-846-1133

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